Frequently Asked Questions

How much does FromABirdie cost?
How do you make money?
What's the catch?

The FromABirdie service is absolutely free. We started it as a birthday present / art project, and we have made sure that it retains that spirit as the service grows. We believe that these albums of letters are a great (and rare!) way to express genuine care and affection for someone, and we feel privileged to be able to make a little contribution towards a better world.

Beyond the free web service, users have the option to buy physical books of their albums of letters, either for themselves or as a gift for the person they are honoring. These books give the albums a concrete physical presence, and they embody the slowness and the timelessness that are at the core of what FromABirdie offers (and they are beautifully made, of course). See our books page for details.

We want to make clear that we DO NOT (and NEVER WILL) sell or otherwise share any of the information that we gather – names and emails of recipients and letter writers, aggregate statistics, or anything of that sort. We are trying to offer a useful service and grow an honest business, and we see those values as non-negotiable.

In sum : anyone can use the system for free, as many times as they want, to create as many albums and write as many letters as they want. There are no strange restrictions, no tricks behind your back, and no obligation (or expectation) that you'll buy a physical book. Some albums will only have few letters and it will be natural for them to stay online, while others will collect so much affection that their creators or recipients will definitely want a physical book – we are very happy either way, and remain delighted to be able to offer a platform for expressing thoughts and feelings in a deep and genuine way.

How many people can contribute to an album?

There are no limitations.

How many albums can I create?

Again, no limitations here.

Can I customize the album?

Yes, FromABirdie encourages you to customize the album: you can write introductory and thank-you notes for the people who come to the site to write letters, and you can also add introductory and closing remarks that are shown to the recipient before and after he or she reads the letters. And, of course, you can set and change the delivery date for the album.

There are also several customization options for the printed books, and we even make artisanal books, manually crafted by artists for a very special occasion (contact us if you're interested)

Can I create an album on my own Internet domain, such as

We are planning support for that functionality in the near future.

How long do you keep an album online on the website, after the recipient has seen it?

Our basic commitment is to keep the album online for at least 60 days after the delivery date. In practical terms, however, we only take albums offline when we need to make room for others – so you can pretty much count on the book staying online for as long as you want (or for as long as we can pay our server bills ;-). If we need to take the album down we'll let you know first – and if for some reason you want it to expire, let us know.

If you have more questions or comments, feel free to contact us!