How does FromABirdie work?

The process is composed of five easy steps:

  1. You start a new Album of Letters by providing us a little bit of information about yourself and the recipient. You also tell us when you want us to announce the surprise to the recipient.
  2. We create a private website for that Album of Letters, and give you the address and a secret password.
  3. You write to friends of the recipient and give them that address and password, inviting to the website.
  4. They have the opportunity to write as many letters and post as many photographs for the recipient, as long as they do it before the deadline.
  5. On the day that you specified, we send an email to the unsuspecting recipient and tell him or her about the surprise you have created. They follow the link and come to our website to find everybody's letters and photographs.

By default we keep the private website for 60 days after we've announced it, but will be happy to keep it for longer if the recipient requests it.

We've tried to make the process very easy so as to encourage as many people as possible to participate, to create thoughtful letters, and to provide their friends with a unique and long lasting gift.