How does FromABirdie protect your privacy?

One of our main reasons for building FromABirdie was our belief that people tend to write more thoughtful, careful, and personal letters when they know that those letters are private and are only going to be seen by the intended recipient. That's why we make sure that the albums are protected with secret passwords, and that the names and emails of the writers are never shown to anyone --not even to other writers on the same album.

We do ask for private information, but only to make the service richer. For example,

  1. We ask for the name and email of the person who creates an album so we can send him or her an email with information about how to use and configure the album,
  2. We ask for the name and email of the recipient of the letters so that we can send an email on the specified day and announce the surprise, and
  3. We allow the people who write letters in an album to leave their name, email, and location so the recipient can see who wrote, and can easily get back in touch with them.

We will never share any of this personal information with other parties and, in fact, we don't even share that information with users of our system: nobody other than the recipient of the album can see the names of those who have written letters, and certainly not their email addresses.

If you have more questions about our privacy policies, feel free to contact us!