A unique priceless gift of private letters, collectively written by a group of people for a common friend.

Create a new Album of Letters and invite your friends and family to participate, or contribute to an existing Album. Your letters will be kept private and delivered to the recipient on their special day via email, or as a beautiful hardcover book.



Create meaning and memories together. Deepen relationships and understanding. Celebrate life. Connect. For real.

How does it work?

The process is composed of four easy steps:

  1. You give us some basic information. We create a unique album for you, and send you a protected link to it.
  2. You can then share that link with friends and invite them to contribute.
  3. Your guests will click on the link and find a page where they can write a letter, post pictures, add anecdotes, etc.
  4. On the day you specify, we will email the recipient a link to see the letters. They'll click it, find the letters ... and feel truly connected and loved.

And how much does it cost?

The web-based part of the FromABirdie service is absolutely free.

Once they get their letters, most people feel their Album is priceless (the most common word in our testimonials), and they typically choose to buy a physical book — but there's no obligation!

For limited budgets we offer a paperback option ($ 55), and the preferred format is a hardcover with dust jacket ($ 80).


A perfect and memorable surprise gift for

  • birthdays, anniversaries, weddings,
  • retirement, teacher appreciation, births,
  • victories, graduations, and other special occasions.

Or a sincere and thoughtful way to support someone going through a hard time, illness, or loss.

What people are saying

"I extend my deep thanks for your thoughtful gift. The time and effort you put into collecting these notes is much appreciated. "

President Barack Obama, in a personal letter after receiving the handmade FromABirdie book of letters written by his campaign staff (OFA) after the 2012 presidential elections.

. . .

"We found your site today (…) and LOVED IT! Our entire organization was looking forward to providing our departing president with a heartfelt memento of his years of service with us. The beautiful design and ease of use of your site seemed a perfect fit for our needs."

Ivonne Paris — Product Development at Celebrity Cruises<. Miami, FL./span>

. . .

"your website has given lots of people a chance to 'be there' from the distance. We just don't want to lose these letters! My parents will really cherish them....and their grandchildren will as well as the years pass. Thank you so much for helping us make our parents' 50th anniversary special."

Karen Polsky — Physician. Denver, CO.

. . .

"My friend is overwhelmed by the messages and photos she received. This is a wonderful website. (…) I bet you make a lot of people happy. This was a really enjoyable experience - I know I'll be doing it again.""

Pat Cadigan, science-fiction writer, 2013 Hugo Award winner. London, UK.

Our printed books of letters

Once the Album of Letters is complete, you or the recipient may choose to purchase paperback or hardcover copies ...

Agus_200pix     Belen_200pix    


... or very special, one-of-a-kind books made by an artist (contact us for more information).

Obama_200pix     Hannah_200pix    

For paperback and hardcover, the design and printing process takes approximately two weeks.