When someone is loved as much as they are, it can be hard to come up with the perfect gift to give them to celebrate their birthday. From a Birdie is here to help you! Check out our guide for creating the most unique, heartfelt, personalized birthday gifts to celebrate your special someone, whoever and however old (or young!) they may be.

Let’s Face it: She Works Hard.

Birthday Gift Ideas for Her

She is, hands-down, your most favorite person in the world. And it’s your favorite person’s special day! With a high-pressure job and a schedule that just doesn’t seem to ever quiet down, what is the one thing she wants more than anything in the world? You guessed it: a nice break. This year, why not throw a cozy, special night in for your girlfriend and celebrate with just the two of you?

birthday gift ideas for her

We suggest picking up a bouquet of her favorite flowers (if you aren’t sure what they are, you can hardly ever go wrong with roses), gifting her those comfortable pajamas she’s had in her shopping cart for months (we love this adorable set from Madewell), and queueing up that movie she’s been dying to watch on Netflix (something dreamy like “Midnight in Paris”, perhaps). Oh, and don’t forget the wine and the takeout pizza! All of which make this birthday celebration the closest thing she’s had to a vacation in a long, long time.

Cap off the loveliest, most chill birthday in history with a surprise gift that she’ll be sure to cherish forever: a personalized birthday book of sweet happy birthday letters from her closest friends and family, written for the express purpose of showing her just how loved she is on her special day, and every day.

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For the Dotting Man in Your Life

Birthday gift ideas for Him

We know plenty of guys who love to throw a great dinner party. Whether or not party-planning comes easily for your boyfriend, it’s always nice to have someone else take the reigns and don the “Event Coordinator” hat. Give him the gift of letting him take the backseat while you gather your closest friends and family together for an intimate back porch potluck dinner in his honor! Ask everyone to bring a dish that he loves, and don’t forget his favorite craft beer and whiskey cocktail fix-ins. You could even name a speciality birthday cocktail after him, incorporating that high school nickname he hasn’t quite been able to shake. We all know that he secretly loves it!

birthday gift ideas for him

Before the night ends, take a moment to toast the birthday boy by going around the table one by one and each reading a letter of celebration and recognition in his honor. We love the sentiment behind what Naomi Davis of “Love Taza” had to say about her husband on his birthday: “This man has the most adventurous spirit, the patience of a saint, exceptional taste in music and the ability to listen and love and rarely judge as I’ve grown and changed over the years.”

End the evening by gifting him a personalized birthday book, full of all of the letters that his loved ones shared that evening, so that he can always have the memories of the special night you created for him right there at his fingertips.

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Mom: a Title Just Above “Queen”

Birthday gift ideas for mom

Is there anyone more awesome, fun, and deserving of thanks and celebration than Mom? We think not, and that is exactly why we love the idea of a heartfelt gift that will take a bit of time to create. Throughout the year, ask your little ones to reflect on exactly what they loved most about mom on that given day. Was it her smile? Was it her magical ability to heal their scrapes from falling off their bike with a simple kiss? Or was it her sweet dinner time dance moves in the kitchen? Gather their responses and create the best gift she’s ever received: a personalized birthday book, lovingly created for the best mom in the whole wide world.

birthday gift ideas for mom

Or perhaps the birthday girl is an expectant mom. How exciting! Along with picking up a thing or two from her wishlist (we love this birthday gift wishlist for women, compiled by Bleubird Blog’s James Kicinski-McCoy), have friends and family write notes of encouragement to the expectant mother. Let her know what an awesome wife, friend, daughter, and sister she is and what a fantastic mom she is already. As she’s anxiously awaiting her precious little one’s day of birth, reading through your thoughtful letters will be such a fun, encouraging, and heartwarming way to celebrate her own.

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Dad of the Year, Every Year

Birthday gift ideas for dad

He has said it before, and chances are he will say it again: he just loves spending time with you! Set up a fun day fit for the All-Star that he is and take Dad to the park for a surprise afternoon of his favorite games over a big picnic with friends and family. Corn-hole, anyone? At the closing of the games, distribute handmade awards for each event, and make sure to award Dad with the special honor of “MVP” — because he is, isn’t he? Along with his handmade award for “MVP” is the coolest “trophy” he’ll ever receive: a personalized book of letters from his favorite people, letting him know just how much he means to all of you. He’s #1!

birthday gift ideas for dad
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21st Birthday gift ideas

At long last, it’s their 21st birthday! Chances are, they’ve been counting down to this day for awhile. Since fighting the crowds downtown is so not their style, why not make a killer playlist of their favorite tunes on Spotify, gather your friends together for a flight tasting, and spend an evening celebrating the newest 21 year old in your group with a fun house party?

21st birthday gift ideas

Ahead of time, have your mutual friends recall the most fun they’ve ever had with the Birthday Honoree. We realize that just one fun memory may be a hard thing to narrow down, so feel free to let everyone throw in an extra story or two! Gather all of their stories and memories into a personalized birthday book, created by From a Birdie, and raise a glass in celebration. It will certainly be a night to remember! It’s a good thing they’ll have the book to hang on to — let’s face it, they may just forget some of the night after all. *cheers*

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The Big 3-0

30th Birthday Gift Ideas

Congratulations are certainly in order. They’ve made it through their 20s with only a few bumps and bruises and have arrived at 30! Help them say goodbye to being a 20-something and hello to the big 3-0 by giving them the gift of your infinite wisdom (or at least as much wisdom as you have to dish out!). Gather letters from elder friends and family members, written to the Birthday Honoree, telling them what they learned most going through their 30s. Stop and smell the roses? An apple a day keeps the doctor away? The good, the bad, the funny, the encouraging; bestow a gift that is a sweet and thoughtful keepsake, sure be cherished and read back through for years to come.

30th birthday gift ideas
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A Cool Gift for their Nifty Fifty

50th Birthday gift ideas

Celebrate a half a century around the sun with a party as epically fun as they are! Create a slideshow of memories from the last 50 years, peppered with sweet notes and throwbacks from the ones that have been there to witness them. Gather these notes into a book created by From a Birdie, and gift them with a long lasting reminder of all of the effort you put into making their 50th truly the best party ever.

50th birthday gift ideas

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Party like it’s 1957!

60th Birthday gift ideas

Okay, who doesn’t love a fun theme party? We certainly do! Throw them a swinging, retro shindig that they won’t ever forget. Request that all of the attendees dress in their best 1950s garb to take it back to the year the Birthday honoree was born, and decorate with newspaper articles and fun pictures of celebrities from the decade. And, just for fun, throw some cheeky birthday candles on the cake. We love these, featured on Joanna Goddard’s blog “Cup of Jo”. By the end of the night, make sure each quest has signed the cover of their From a Birdie, personalized happy birthday book. Bonus points if the cover is a picture of the honoree as a baby!

60th birthday gift ideas
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Birthdays are a great excuse to tell the ones we love that, well, we really love them. What better time to celebrate the things that make your loved one unique and especially adored. We hope that this gift guide has been helpful to you as you seek to do just that. Make sure to check out all of the options for personalized birthday books, and books for nearly every special occasion, at fromabirdie.com. Best of luck to you, and happy celebrating!