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Base pricing for up to 200 pages. Larger volumes, as well as more than 3 book drafts for Premium orders, carry an extra fee .
Please allow 20 days for design, printing, and shipping.
(or 14 days, with super-rush shipping).
In many cases, it will arrive earlier --but better to be safe.
We are committed to quality. If you are not happy with the quality of the book we will fully refund you, or reprint at no cost to you.
  • The small print:
  • * 201-300 pages: $ 35 extra for paperbacks and hardcovers, and $ 80 for Premium orders.
  • * 301-400 pages: $ 12 extra for each 10 additional pages for all orders.
  • * 400+ pages: must be split into two volumes. Volume customization fee is $ 70.
  • * Premium orders include up to 3 draft previews.
  • * Any additional draft previews will be provided at $ 45 per draft.
  • * Additional copies at discount rates: $ 92 for Premium & Hardcover, $ 60 for paperback.
  • * All these extra charges and discounts are handled via customer service.